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The New Arab Staff

Mohammed Abedrabbo


Features: Israeli authorities are turning several neighbourhoods in occupied Jerusalem into ghettos in the wake of the Jerusalem Uprising.

30 November, 2015

A 14-year-old from Jerusalem has reportedly been arrested for possessing an item of classroom stationery.

30 October, 2015

Palestinian Knesset member Haneen Zoabi warned Tuesday that assaults and raids on al-Aqsa mosque are part of an Israeli 'Judaisation' plan.

28 July, 2015

Director of Palestinian Prisoner Club says Israeli forces have targeted families of active protesters who oppose the occupation of East Jerusalem.

15 April, 2015

Analysis: As Israeli settlements in and around Jerusalem continue to expand, Palestinians continue their struggle for the recognition of their rights, against the odds.

31 March, 2015

Palestinians could be expelled from their land after five military orders were issued by Israel. Locals fear that new settlements could be built on the land.

16 March, 2015

Since 16-year-old Mohammad Abu Khdeir was murdered by Jewish settlers, Israel has arrested 1,500 Palestinians.

11 December, 2014