Palestinian child arrested for possession of wooden ruler

Palestinian child arrested for possession of wooden ruler
A 14-year-old from Jerusalem has reportedly been arrested for possessing an item of classroom stationery.
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30 October, 2015
The ruler that was in Mohammed's possession [alAraby]
Jerusalem teenager Mohammed Majed became a designated terrorist overnight, for the alleged "crime" of possessing a wooden ruler.

He became a "wanted person" by the Israeli army and was arrested on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old was accused of plotting an attack, sharpening a wooden ruler in order to stab Israelis.

According to Mohammed's aunt, he underwent an intensive investigation by Israeli interrogators, during which they accused him of being older than fourteen.

His father will not be able to attend Mohammed's trial, as he is currently also detained by Israel.

"Mohammed's mother will also not be able to attend the court, because she carries a West Bank ID and has been stopped twice attempting to enter Jerusalem - as she is unable to get a permit," said the boy's aunt.

Mohammed's family live in the Ras al-Amud neighbourhood of Jerusalem. He is one of dozens of Jerusalemite children who have been killed, arrested of injured since the latest escalation began early in October.  

The recent stabbing attacks in the occupied Palestinian territories prompted many retail stores and restaurants to impose an unrealistic ban on the sale or use of knives.