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Otman Aitlkaboud


Otman Aitlkaboud is an Executive Committee member of the Arab-Jewish Forum working on improving relationships between Arabs and Jews in the UK and beyond.

Comment: Trivialising misogyny's role in terrorism's wider context is dangerous, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

04 June, 2018

Comment: World famous boxing Olympian, black rights activist, Nation of Islam member and interlocutor between East and West, Muhammad Ali was as controversial as he was loved, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

02 June, 2017

Comment: For decades, Palestinians have seen their land confiscated through illegal Israeli land grabs, and their homes demolished to make way for Israeli settlement building, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

30 March, 2017

Comment: They were the trailblazers and the indigenous; now they are the scapegoats and the demonised, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

10 March, 2017

Comment: Rejecting the two-state solution and failing to offer equal citizenship to Palestinians would see Israel become an ethnocracy. The two-state solution must prevail, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

23 February, 2017

Comment: Rabin's attempt at rapprochement with the Palestinians was not driven by a desire to right the wrongs of Israel's military occupation, but deep-rooted pragmatism, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

04 November, 2016

Kurdish women in northern Syria are fighting both the fundamentalist tyranny of the Islamic State group and the violent authoritarianism of patriarchy itself.

18 October, 2016

In a divided Europe today, what kind of fate awaits refugees, asks Otman Aitlkaboud.

25 July, 2016

As Israel marks 45 years since the Israeli Black Panthers’ anti-establishment protests, what has been the political relationship between Israel and Jews from Morocco?

15 May, 2016

The concluding chapter of Otman Aitlkaboud's exploration of the marginalisation of Mizrahi Jews and its lasting impact on leftist political identity in Israel.

15 May, 2016