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Mohammad al-Fadilat


Jordan is stepping up restrictions on the mainstream Muslim Brotherhood in favour of a pro-government faction, citing the group's recent 'clandestine' activities, but the Brotherhood vows to fight back 'underground'.

14 April, 2016

Analysis: Jordan's government has reversed a controversial price increase for cooking and heating gas, but activists say the move has reinvigorated a popular movement dormant since 2012.

09 December, 2015

Analysis: Amman has reportedly shunned a bilateral meeting with the Israeli prime minister, but officials may still meet Netanyahu with representatives of other nations.

22 October, 2015

On Tuesday evening, activists rallied outside Israel's embassy in Jordan's capital Amman, demanding the government expel the ambassador and cut ties with Israel over its ongoing violations at al-Aqsa

16 September, 2015

Feature: The photoblog "Humans of New York" encouraged Jordan-based Ali Alhasani to start capturing everyday life in his city, building a creative space and publishing a book along the way.

16 September, 2015

Analysis: Jordan has tightened security measures in dealing with Syrian refugees, in fear of infiltration by armed groups.

10 September, 2015

Jordan's State Security Court on Tuesday passed sentences against those accused in the so called 'Hamas Cell' case ranging from one to 15 years in jail.

28 July, 2015

Analysis: The resignation of the interior minister and sacking of senior security officials is being seen as a way to defuse popular anger at a bungled security operation.

19 May, 2015

Feature: In the past, police were called to control crowds flocking to Amman's downtown picture houses. But dwindling crowds have forced many to close.

11 May, 2015

Feature: In April 1989, the people of the town of Maan in Jordan demanded change. Although their call echoed throughout the country, 26 years later, little has changed.

19 April, 2015