Protests outside Israeli embassy in Amman over al-Aqsa incursion

Protests outside Israeli embassy in Amman over al-Aqsa incursion
On Tuesday evening, activists rallied outside Israel's embassy in Jordan's capital Amman, demanding the government expel the ambassador and cut ties with Israel over its ongoing violations at al-Aqsa
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16 September, 2015
A group of demonstrators protested Israeli violations at al-Aqsa outside Israel's embassy in Amman [Anadolu]

Late on Tuesday, dozens of Jordanian activists staged a protest outside the Israeli embassy in Amman against Israeli incursions into al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Citing Jordan's custodianship of the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem, the protesters called on their government to take a tougher stance on Israeli actions and implement practical measures, beyond traditional condemnations.

The activists voiced their rejection of the Israeli presence in Amman, and demanded the government expel the Israeli ambassador after closing the embassy.

They also called on Arab nations to unite to confront the "Zionist enemy," and on the Palestinians to close ranks and end their divisions.

Several Jordanian political parties are also preparing to hold mass protests on Friday in solidarity with the Palestinian activists at al-Aqsa and in rejection of Israeli assaults on Islam's third-holiest site.

According to organisers, the 'Friday of Anger' will see calls for Jordan's governmet to cut ties with Israel, and for the Arab and Muslim world to intervene to protect the holy sites.

Protesters called on Jordan to take a tougher stance on Israel beyond traditional condemnations

Meanwhile, Jordan's King Abdullah II held a series of contacts with key international players to drum up support for Jordan's position in defence of Jerusalem and its holy sites, according to a statement from the royal court.

The king discussed separately the recent Israeli violations against al-Aqsa with US Vice President Joe Biden and President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz.

Earlier this month, Israel's new envoy to Jordan presented her credentials to King Abdullah in a ceremony in Amman. She is the first Israeli woman to serve as ambassador to an Arab country.

In February, Walid Obeidat, Jordan's ambassador to Israel, returned to Tel Aviv after a three-month absence.

Jordan had recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv in November 2014, after right-wing Jewish extremists sparked violence in East Jerusalem with provocative visits to al-Aqsa Mosque.

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