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Aisha Yusuff


Aisha Yusuff is a book reviewer with a focus on African and Muslim literature. Her work can be found on @thatothernigeriangirl as well as in digital magazines like Rewrite London.

Follow her on Twitter: @allthingsaeesha

Book Club: War forces the affected towards desperation. In Haya Saleh's debut novel 'Wild Poppies', the reader follows the fates of two brothers searching for sustenance and stability for their family during the Syrian civil war, but at what cost?

23 August, 2023

Book Club: Basma Abdel Aziz's 'The Queue' is an inventive literary take on totalitarian regimes, and the absurdist nature of obedience demanded. Using a fictional Arab country as her canvas, Basma's writing about governments is globally significant.

14 December, 2022

Book Club: Black History Month recognises the immense political, social and cultural achievement of Britain's black community. In celebration, The New Arab has compiled a list of books by Black British authors that need to be on your bookshelf.

26 October, 2022

Book Club: You Truly Assumed is a step in the right direction for a contemporary YA novel that many Black Muslim girls will see themselves reflected in.

20 April, 2022

Book Club: Yara Hawari's novella traces three generations of Palestinians, and how their memory and notions of identity have each been ruptured by the Nakba. Filled with visceral descriptions of life under occupation, The Stone House is a must-read.

06 April, 2022

The connection between hair and identity has been an important personal expression for Black women and Black culture, but in the era of embracing natural hair, how has the relationship been for Black Muslimahs who wear the hijab?

22 October, 2021

Book Club: The New Arab has compiled a list of five anthologies from authors across the Arab world that have captured the hearts and minds of their readers, and celebrated as revered works of literature.

13 October, 2021

Book Club: Sudanese-Australian novelist Yassmin Abdel-Magied's follow-up to 'You Must Be Layla' is a brilliant bildungsroman continuation of a young Sudanese hijabi and the navigation of her identity, religion and sense of belonging.

06 October, 2021

Book Club: Marguerite Richards' anthology of global Muslim voices is a honest recollection of the human experience. From chaos to peace, subjugation to freedom, the 34 personal essays reveal all.

14 April, 2021