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William Christou

William Christou

William is The New Arab’s correspondent in Beirut, covering the politics of the Levant and Mediterranean. Previously he worked for Al Jazeera in Doha and Syria Direct in Amman.

Areas of focus: Migrant labor, refugee issues and state-led repression.

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Activists said the prosecution of al-Zoubi was a violation of freedom of speech in Jordan.

13 March, 2023

An HRW report pointed to 30 years of "fundamental neglect" and corruption as the driver of the country's current energy crisis.

09 March, 2023

Jordan has one of the lowest female labour participation rates in the region, behind just Iraq and Yemen.

08 March, 2023

The statement called for the Lebanese government to ensure an independent and credible probe into the Beirut port blast.

07 March, 2023

Assad is likely to discuss reapproachment with Turkey and post-earthquake normalisation in the region during his trip to Moscow.

07 March, 2023

Lebanon paid the US$2 million owed for 2022 and 2023, restoring its UN voting rights after almost two months.

07 March, 2023

King Abdullah "stressed the need to restore calm and de-escalate in the Palestinian territories."

06 March, 2023

Lebanese Minister of Economy Amin Salem warned on Wednesday that certain supermarkets tried to "take advantage" of the dollarisation by raising their prices in lira just before the policy's implementation.

02 March, 2023

Legal activists said the PM's interference in the work of the judiciary was "totally contrary to the principle of the law."

01 March, 2023

The Syrian regime has bombed northwest Syria 84 times last month's earthquake.

01 March, 2023