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William Christou

William Christou

William is The New Arab’s correspondent in Beirut, covering the politics of the Levant and Mediterranean. Previously he worked for Al Jazeera in Doha and Syria Direct in Amman.

Areas of focus: Migrant labor, refugee issues and state-led repression.

Follow him on Twitter @Will_Christou

The US House of Congress passed a bill that would allow the country to impose new sanctions on the Syrian regime and allies involved in the captagon trade.

17 April, 2024

Ahmed Mohsen, a photojournalist, was arrested for covering pro-Gaza protests in Jordan and has been held in detention for nearly two weeks.

12 April, 2024

An Iranian trade official said talks were underway to establish a free trade agreement between it and Lebanon.

10 April, 2024

Gangs of men began beating Syrians in Christian areas after the Lebanese army announced the murder of a Christian Lebanese Forces' official on Monday.

09 April, 2024

Pascal Sleiman, the leader of the Lebanese Forces in Jbeil, north Lebanon, was kidnapped by unknown gunmen on Sunday, sparking a manhunt.

08 April, 2024

Hassan Nasrallah emphasised Hezbollah's war readiness and said an Iranian response to Israel's attack on its consulate in Damascus was "inevitable."

05 April, 2024

"We could not watch the catastrophe occurring in Gaza and stand by without doing anything," said Al-Aswad, Molham's emergency response coordinator.

05 April, 2024

More than 500 migrants arrived in Cyprus over the weekend, raising the population of the country's primary refugee camp to an annual high.

03 April, 2024

Jordanian rights activists published a letter on Tuesday calling on the government to respect the right to freedom amid arrests of pro-Palestine protesters.

03 April, 2024

Jordan announced that it had arrested several protesters on Sunday as demonstrations calling for the cancellation of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty grew.

02 April, 2024