Despite rumours, there is no closure of Masnaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria

Despite rumours, there is no closure of Masnaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria
Lebanese authorities confirmed that the Masnaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria was still functioning but experiencing delays.
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27 June, 2024
Rumours flooded social media of Lebanese General Security changing entry procedures into the country in anticipation of an Israeli offensive in Lebanon. [Getty]

Lebanese authorities confirmed on late Wednesday that the "Masnaa" border crossing point between Lebanon and Syria is still functioning, but is experiencing high levels of congestion due to updates being applied to the electronic systems on the Lebanese side.

Syrian outlet Enab Baladi reported that travellers were waiting between five and six hours at the border crossing point, leading to rumours that it was closing.

Lebanese and Syrians travel between the two countries regularly for tourism, business and familial reasons. Beirut and Damascus are about a two-hour car ride apart.

Rumours circulated in social media platforms alleging that the Masnaa crossing was completely closed except travellers bound for the Beirut airport. The rumours linked the crossing to a possible Israeli offensive in Lebanon.

Security sources told the paper that Lebanese General Security was working to implement at Masnaa a similar security mechanism to the one employed at the Beirut airport.

The congestion at the border crossing had led to Syrians travelling to Beirut for flights to miss their travel appointments.

The update of the border crossing's security protocols occurs as Lebanon gears up for a possible full-scale war between Lebanon and Israel.

South Lebanon has been gripped by cross-border clashes between Hezbollah and Israel since Hamas's 7 October surprise attack – but Israeli leaders have threatened to widen the scope of the war.

The Masnaa crossing is also where the Lebanese army has deported Syrians back to Syria over the last two years, in what rights groups say is violation of Syrians' human rights.