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Maghie Ghali


Maghie Ghali is a British-born Lebanese journalist currently working as a reporter in Lebanon.

Turkey's art scene is experiencing a revival. Held in Istanbul, the CI Bloom art fair has helped lead this resurgence by highlighting the best of Turkish cultural heritage, craftsmanship and contemporary art practices for fresh eyes and innovators.

15 June, 2023

Saudi Arabia's newfound status as a home for regional artistic innovation shows no sign of slowing down. Held at the UNESCO world heritage site of Al Ula, the ambitious Wadi AlFann project combines art with leisure to give fresh life to the desert.

19 December, 2022

Nada Debs has embossed her creative brand across continents. Now celebrating 20 years in the design world, the Lebanese designer has set her sights beyond the Levant by bringing new cultures and techniques into her stylistic process.

13 December, 2022

Last month, the sky and surroundings of the Saudi capital Riyadh were lit up with a myriad of colours as part of the light festival Noor Riyadh. The event exhibited a host of eminent international artists and was as forward-thinking as it looked.

05 December, 2022

Reopening in time for the surge of global interest, Doha's Museum of Islamic Art has undergone a dramatic transformation. Now kitted out with industry-leading technology and stunning collections, the museum is a jewel in Qatar's national crown.

01 November, 2022

Doha's creative resurgence continues at a rapid pace. Liwan Design Studios and Labs is the latest addition to this national drive, re-appropriating a disused girl's school into a design hub that is helping to archive national and regional talent.

24 October, 2022

Revitalised and rejuvenated, Qatar's public spaces have undergone a major makeover ahead of the much-anticipated football World Cup. Home to a wealth of talent and ideas, Qatar is quickly establishing itself as a major incubator of Arab public art.

10 October, 2022

This year, Qatar announces itself to the world with a host of seismic cultural events. Amidst such attention, Qatar's Mathaf Library has risen to the challenge by showcasing a number of stimulating exhibitions for international and regional eyes.

30 September, 2022

Tripoli, Lebanon's second largest city, is often forgotten as a national centre of creative expression. With many cultural sites in a derelict state, one organisation has sought to restore the city to its rightful place as a bustling creative hub.

20 September, 2022

London's V&A museum welcomes award-winning French-Lebanese architect Annabel Karim Kassar to exhibit her latest work The Lebanese House. The installation maps Lebanon's unique architectural heritage at the crossroads of both style and conflict.

02 August, 2022