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Basheer al-Baker


Comment: Syria has lost its sovereignty and has become a bargaining chip used by world and regional powers to achieve their interests, writes Basheer al-Baker.

05 October, 2015

Comment: The deterioration of Egypt's security is a direct result of Sisi's military coup, as modelled on Algeria in 1992 - a coup that ended in civil war.

09 July, 2015

Comment: Saudi Arabia's overtures to France coincide with a growing unease over Washington's policy on Iran.

08 May, 2015

Comment: When a French television station went to Damascus to interview Bashar al-Assad, it highlighted a hypocritical national policy towards the Arab world, says Basheer al-Baker.

25 April, 2015

Interview: Former Moroccan prime minister Abderrahman el-Youssoufi shares his thoughts with Basheer al-Baker on developments since the Arab Spring revolutions.

14 April, 2015

Comment: Yemen's security no longer simply affects the Gulf's security: it is the same thing, writes Basheer al-Baker.

27 March, 2015

Comment: In a re-run of events 21 years ago, Ali Abdullah Saleh has been behind the Houthis' assault on President Hadi and the institutions of the state.

26 March, 2015

Comment: Wednesday's attack in Tunis was an affront to the country's democratic and pluralistic ideals - and Tunisians are determined not to allow the enemies of freedom to win this battle.

21 March, 2015

Comment: Potential dialogue talks in Riyadh between rival Yemeni parties could resolve the country's political crisis, but there are many pitfalls to overcome before talks can begin.

14 March, 2015

Comment: Yemen's former ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh, is thought to have amassed a personal fortune of $60 billion during his years in office, while Yemen remains the poorest country in the Arab world.

28 February, 2015