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Tareq Alnaimat

Tareq Al-Naimat

Tareq Al-Naimat

Tareq Al-Naimat is a Jordanian journalist and researcher specializing in Islamist movements. He currently works as an associate editor at al-Araby al-Jadeed

Explainer: Jordan is deeply concerned about the repercussions of Israeli actions in Gaza and the potential displacement of Palestinians, which could destabilise the country due to its significant Palestinian population and limited resources

20 October, 2023

Explainer: What are Jordan's options to stop acting as a corridor for the Captagon drug cartels across the unstable border with Syria?

15 September, 2023

After the failure of the Arab Spring, the region has been suffocating under new authoritarian regimes. A desperate nostalgia for how things were reflects deep dissatisfaction, but the possibility of revolution isn't dead, writes Tareq Alnaimat.

01 December, 2022

With half of Jordanians looking to leave, a closer look at the seemingly stable kingdom reveals compounding political, social and economic issues under the surface that have made it difficult for many to imagine a future, writes Tareq Alnaimat.

12 September, 2022

In an interview with The New Arab's sister publication Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Fmr. US Special Representative to Syria James Jeffrey gives his thoughts on the impact of withdrawing from Afghanistan, the conflict in Syria, and wider regional issues.

10 September, 2021

Analysis: The Jordanian government's policy of weakening the Muslim Brotherhood could have the opposite intended effect of further mobilising extremist elements, writes Tareq Al-Naimat.

20 June, 2016