The Second Battle: Securing justice in a post-conflict scenario

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11 February, 2022

On this week's episode of The New Arab Voice we explore the search for post-conflict justice, and examine what the conviction of Anwar Raslan means for the victims of Syrian war crimes, what mechanisms are currently being used to secure justice, and what could be used in the future.

We speak with international human rights barrister from Guernica37 (@Guernica37Group) Toby Cadman (@tobycadman), Kristyan Benedict (@KreaseChan) from Amnesty International, and Naya Skaf from the podcast Branch 251 (@Branch_251).

And then Rosie McCabe looks at the poetry of Rumi and his rumination on love, with guests Alan Williams and Melody Moezzi.

Alan Williams is a professor of Iranian Studies in the Department of Religions and Theology at the University of Manchester.  He has been translating the Masnavi of Rumi into English for the last umpteen years.

Melody Moezzi is a writer, speaker, activist, attorney and award-winning author. She teaches for the University of Iowa’s esteemed International Writing Program (IWP). Iowa’s IWP program is currently accepting applications from youth in the Middle East and North Africa (ages 15-18) for their “Between the Lines” summer programs. You can learn more and apply to the sessions here


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