UK Parliament votes against call for Gaza ceasefire

UK Parliament votes against call for Gaza ceasefire


16 November, 2023

In a decisive vote, the UK House of Commons on Wednesday night rejected a Gaza ceasefire proposal with a significant majority — 293 MPs voted against it, while only 125 voted in favour.

This vote laid bare the deep-seated division within the opposition Labour Party, after 56 of its MPs defied party leader Keir Starmer by supporting the ceasefire motion.

The internal conflict was further accentuated by the resignation of eight members of Starmer's frontbench, who stepped down from their shadow ministerial posts in protest.

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While the political tension unfolded within the House of Commons, public demonstrations raged outside Parliament House, with 10,000 protestors passionately demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The divided vote and the resulting frontbench Labour resignations reflect the deeply held convictions on Gaza, making it a critical issue that resonates with the British public.