Super Bowl airs $7m pro-Israel advert to 100m+ viewers

Super Bowl airs $7m pro-Israel advert to 100m+ viewers


12 February, 2024

During the Super Bowl last night, Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, leveraged the event's massive viewership - estimated to exceed 100 million - to air pro-Israel advertisements.

These ads, part of a campaign organized by Kraft's Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism, came with a hefty price tag of approximately $7 million for the Super Bowl Sunday exposure.

The intention behind this significant investment was to craft a narrative countering the growing criticism of Israel's actions, particularly amidst the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Kraft, a prominent figure not just in sports but also in philanthropy and political circles, has long been associated with supporting pro-Israel causes.

His foundation's Super Bowl advert was an attempt to shift public opinion by presenting a message against claimed antisemitism, amidst a backdrop of increasing social media reports and images from Gaza that have influenced public perception, especially among younger demographics.