Release list of Israeli causalities: Palestine’s UN envoy

Release list of Israeli causalities: Palestine’s UN envoy


27 October, 2023

At a press conference in Geneva on Thursday, Ibrahim Khraishi, the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN, defended the latest Gaza death toll figures and criticised President Biden for questioning and casting doubt on the numbers.

Khraishi also requested Israeli authorities to provide him with the names of Israeli casualties.

The Palestinian Health Ministry responded to Biden's statements on Wednesday by publishing a full report on the names of 6,747 victims killed by Israeli airstrikes since 7 October, including their gender, age, and identity card number.

It also highlighted that 281 bodies had not yet been identified. The ministry said the US had "brazenly cast doubt on the truth of the announced toll".

The UN and other international institutions and experts, as well as the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in the West Bank - rivals of Hamas who govern the Gaza Strip - say the Gaza health ministry has long made a good-faith effort to account for the dead under the most difficult conditions.

The death toll of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli airstrikes has since been updated to 7,326, of which 104 were medical staff.