London school 'bans' eight year old boy after wearing Palestine flag

London school 'bans' eight year old boy after wearing Palestine flag


26 December, 2023

The parents of an eight-year-old British-Palestinian child said that he had not attended school since November 23- after being banned from school for wearing Palestinian colours.

The child has friends and family who were killed in Israel’s relentless attacks in Gaza.

During a non-uniform day to raise funds for BBC’s Children in Need appeal, East London’s Barclays Primary School issued a letter warning a number of parents that their children were at risk of being referred to the UK government’s controversial Prevent counter-terrorism programme.

The letter, dated November 17, said by dressing in the colours of the Palestinian flag or wearing “badges, jewellery and stickers” were “overt demonstrations of political beliefs” that could be “deemed offensive”.

The letter also suggested that the children could be used by their parents as “political pawns” and accused parents about comments made on social media and on WhatsApp groups.

“Inappropriate comments made at school or demonstrated at school, including extremist or divisive comments, can and will lead to formal meetings with the school, referrals to the PREVENT Team or the Hate Crime Team in Waltham Forest.”

Following the school’s remarks, a formal letter of complaint backed by several parents was sent in response on November 20.
The letter addressed “distinct concerns” over how “Palestine solidarity and political engagement is being handled” by Barclay Primary.
In addition, the letter also raised concerns of suspected double standards taking place, showcasing the vast difference in approach between the current crisis in Gaza and the school’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Barclay Primary had been embroiled in other controversies, as the school was formerly accused of inciting Islamophobia.