Kids in Malaysia protest for a Free Palestine on Roblox

Kids in Malaysia protest for a Free Palestine on Roblox


25 October, 2023

As horror has grown over Israel’s aggressive aerial bombardment on the Gaza Strip, which has killed more than 6,500 people at the time of writing, a wave of protests in solidarity with Palestine has hit cities worldwide, from London to New York and Cairo to Sydney. Now the metaverse has joined - specifically the virtual reality game Roblox, where a Malaysian player created a pro-Palestine protest experience called "(PALESTINE) Dataran Tanjung Mas".

Live Story

It has drawn 60,000 visits since its creation on 14 October, with 200 users allowed to attend the march at a time, according to the game's server page on Roblox. Videos of the virtual protest shared online show animated block characters marching together and holding Palestinian flags along a computer-generated street, with some players holding Malaysian flags. The protest experience ends with the players standing in front of a wide billboard that reads "Solidari5y Untukmu", Malay for "Solidarity for you". Players from all over the world have joined the protest.

Produced by Alexander Durie