Jerusalem Armenian Quarter: Christians Under Israeli Settler Pressure

Jerusalem Armenian Quarter: Christians Under Israeli Settler Pressure


07 December, 2023

Settlers in the occupied territories of Palestine are trying to enforce a controversial land lease deal signed between Israeli firm Xana Gardens and the Armenian Patriarchate for the construction of a luxury hotel.

Local Armenian residents objected to the agreement, saying they had not been consulted.

The land "development" is said to comprise around 13% of the Armenian Quarter. According to activists, the project could result in the displacement of many Armenian families.

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In late October, the Armenian Patriarchate finally relented and issued a request to cancel the unpopular deal, shortly after Xana Gardens had initiated construction works on site.

Tensions are ongoing as the Israeli firm appears determined to continue its works on the leased land.

Armenian activists accuse Xana Gardens of acting as a conduit for Jewish settlers who intend to take over the Armenian Quarter in the context of growing pressure on Palestinian Christians living in the holy land for centuries.

The Armenian Patriarchate described what is happening as possibly the greatest threat to its 16-century-long history.