Israeli soldiers post 'self-incriminating' videos of Gaza atrocities

Israeli soldiers post 'self-incriminating' videos of Gaza atrocities


28 December, 2023

Israeli soldiers rummaging through private homes in Gaza. Forces destroying plastic figurines in a toy store, or trying to burn food and water supplies in the back of an abandoned truck. Troops with their arms slung around each other, chanting racist slogans as they dance in a circle.

Several viral videos and photos of Israeli soldiers behaving in a derogatory manner in Gaza have emerged in recent days

The videos include boasts of wanting to kill babies and desecration of mosques and churches in Gaza, some now Israeli military sites

There is even footage of Israeli ‘Christmas presents’ to Gaza in the form of missiles and rockets. The Israeli soldier dressed as santa claus while firing shells.

The New Arab cannot verify the locations of the videos but there have been dozens of these clips posted by IDF soldiers on TikTok, Telegram and Instagram, some of which could be self incriminating