Israeli soldiers fire on Palestinians queueing for aid in Gaza

Israeli soldiers fire on Palestinians queueing for aid in Gaza


15 January, 2024

In a harrowing incident yesterday, Israeli soldiers opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians gathered around an aid truck in Gaza, leading to an undetermined number of casualties.

Gaza's 2.3 million inhabitants, including 576,600 facing extreme hunger, are in a dire food crisis. UN reports indicate that the aid reaching Gaza is a mere fraction of what's needed.

And as Israel's war on Gaza reaches its 100th day, conditions continue to worsen. In response, thousands rallied in global capitals like London, Lisbon, Washington, and Karachi, demanding an immediate ceasefire and action to address the crisis.

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These protests reflect the world's growing concern over Gaza's plight, where people, in the absence of sufficient aid, are relying on minimal sustenance like bread and rice.

Crowds are gathering in masses whenever aid trucks arrive, highlighting the desperate need for more substantial and consistent humanitarian assistance.

The international community's call for an end to the violence and the food crisis is a plea for urgent intervention to prevent further loss of life and suffering.