Israeli forces obliterates Gaza's last university

Israeli forces obliterates Gaza's last university


18 January, 2024

The Gaza Strip’s last standing university was obliterated by Israeli forces yesterday.

Al-Israa University, which was overrun by Israeli forces during their ground assault in Gaza and used as a base for their operations, was blown up after soldiers detonated hundreds of landmines strapped to the building.

Footage shared on social media showed the moment the educational institute – which had already suffered some structural damage – was completely destroyed.

The attack also destroyed a museum established by the Al-Israa University which housed more than 3,000 rare artifacts, and which was looted by Israeli forces.

Academics and social media users from around the world have called for a full academic boycott of Israel, accusing it of deliberately and directly targeting educational institutions in Gaza, as well as cultural centers.

Gaza was home to seven universities, all of which have either been destroyed or severely damaged.