Israel is waging a 'total war' on Gaza's healthcare system

Israel is waging a 'total war' on Gaza's healthcare system


12 October, 2023

The Israeli military's brutal air campaign on Gaza has so far killed 1,417 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000 others. Meanwhile, at least 1,300 people in Israel have been killed and thousands more wounded.

Israeli forces have destroyed at least 752 residential buildings since launching its aggression against the coastal enclave six days ago, with 2,835 units completely demolished and 32,000 units seriously damaged. Salama Maarouf, the head of the Hamas-run government office, added that 1,791 residential units are uninhabitable, and an estimated 89 schools were attacked by the Israeli aircraft - nine of which have become no longer operational.

In addition, 11 mosques were utterly destroyed, and seven ancient mosques and churches were partially damaged. Israel also threatened to bar the entry of fuel and humanitarian aid into Gaza until Hamas releases all captives. While the Israeli military said it was preparing for a ground assault in the enclave, its political leaders had not yet taken a decision.

Produced by Reem Khabbazy