Israel strikes Ghaziyeh, near major Lebanese city Saida

Israel strikes Ghaziyeh, near major Lebanese city Saida


20 February, 2024

On Monday, southern Lebanon became the target of two Israeli airstrikes that resulted in 14 individuals being wounded. Israeli forces claim these strikes were strategically aimed at disrupting Hezbollah's weapons storage capabilities.

However, local reports suggest that the actual targets hit were civilian in nature, specifically a warehouse and a manufacturing facility.

This incident marks a concerning escalation in the ongoing cross-border tensions between Hezbollah and Israeli forces, which have been mounting since the initiation of Israel's brutal assault on Gaza in October.

The geographical reach of these latest airstrikes, extending 60km beyond the Israeli-Lebanese border, indicates not just a tactical shift but a potential strategic intent to pressure Hezbollah by demonstrating Israel's willingness to strike deep within Lebanese territory.

Analysts and regional observers have expressed fears of a broader confrontation that could draw in additional regional actors and possibly escalate into a wider conflict.