Iraqi protesters attack Swedish embassy over Quran burning

Iraqi protesters attack Swedish embassy over Quran burning


30 June, 2023

Iraq has called on Sweden to extradite Salwan Momika, the man who stomped on and burned pages of the Quran outside Stockholm's largest mosque earlier this week.

The head of the Supreme Judicial Council Faiq Zidan ordered the return of Momika, said to be from Iraq, so he can be tried in accordance with Iraqi law.

It comes after Iraq's foreign ministry summoned the Swedish ambassador over the burning and influential political figure Muqtada Al-Sadr demanded that the federal Iraqi government expel the Swedish chargé d'affaires and ambassador. Sadre also called on his supporters to participate in a "massive angry" demonstration against the Swedish embassy in Baghdad.

They responded accordingly, with protestors yesterday breaching Sweden's embassy and staying inside the compound for about 15 minutes before leaving as security forces were deployed.

Meanwhile, Momika told Swedish media that he intended to burn another Quran within 10 days.


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