"Here, there is no Women's Day": Displaced Palestinian women in Gaza

"Here, there is no Women's Day": Displaced Palestinian women in Gaza


08 March, 2024

Israel's ongoing onslaught on Gaza has caused a severe erosion of women’s rights in the besieged and relentlessly bombed coastal enclave.

Displaced women living in a makeshift camp in the southern city of Rafah face hunger and constant bereavement and say that there will be no celebration of International Women’s Day.

An estimated 1.7 million people have been displaced in the Gaza Strip since October 7, representing more than 75% of the enclave's total population, according to UNRWA.

Many of them have also been forced to move repeatedly. And many of its women, such as Iman Zakout, cannot provide medicine for their sick children and just want their lives to go back to normal.

Israel's war on the Gaza Strip has caused a grave humanitarian crisis, including acute shortages of food, water, and medicine after Israel stopped all imports of food, medicine, power, and fuel into Gaza back in October.

At the time of writing, data from Gaza's health ministry indicates that at least 30,878 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since Oct 7, while another 72,402 have been wounded. A significant proportion of these figures are women.