Germany’s “authoritarian” crackdown since Israel’s war on Gaza

Germany’s “authoritarian” crackdown since Israel’s war on Gaza


08 December, 2023

Produced by Alexander Durie

Since Israel launched the war on Gaza, Germany has responded by massively repressing pro-Palestinian symbols and movements.

Its capital city, Berlin, is reportedly the city with the biggest Palestinian community outside the Middle East.

As a result, Berlin police made over 850 arrests of people suspected to hold pro-Palestinian sympathies in the first three weeks after 7 October.

Nomi Sladko is a pro-Palestine activist and artist based in Berlin. She has been frequently detained and threatened by German police for protesting against Germany’s support of Israel, yet she insists that what she experienced is nothing compared to what Berlin’s large Arab and Muslim community endures every day.

“Detentions, police violence, surveillance, suspensions in schools, and workplace intimidations or sackings that we have been witnessing are unequivocally comparable to practices of authoritarian regimes,” according to Alice Garcia from the European Legal Support Centre, which provides legal support for pro-Palestinian voices across Europe.

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