Fear Not the Taliban: Afghanistan’s Schools for Girl


17 January, 2023

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has seen a slew of chilling new rules imposed on the country, of which women and girls have largely faced the brunt. 
Measures have included banning girls from schools, despite initial promises that such restrictions within education would not be imposed, as authorities initially vowed a more moderate rule. 
The laws have left over a million girls between the ages of 12 to 18 deprived of the chance to complete their education. 
The authorities imposed the restrictions in the name of their harsh interpretation of Islamic – or Sharia – law, which many Muslims have objected to. 
However, girls and women across the country have taken matters into their own hands, even though it could prove dangerous for them. 
School teachers have formed secret schools across the country, many within their own homes, allowing their students to continue their education. 

Al-Araby TV, an affiliate of The New Arab, reports from Afghanistan.

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