"Disease could be bigger killer than bombs in Gaza" - WHO

"Disease could be bigger killer than bombs in Gaza" - WHO


29 November, 2023

In a stark warning from the World Health Organization, the health crisis in Gaza is escalating to a point where disease could become a deadlier force than the bombs themselves.

With approximately 75% of Gaza's hospitals now inoperative, the region's healthcare infrastructure is on the brink of collapse.

This breakdown has led to a dramatic increase in diarrhoea cases among children, over 100 times the normal levels, signalling a potential surge in disease-related fatalities.

Patients, including young children, are left waiting for hours on hospital floors and in car parks, desperately needing medical attention.

The situation is exacerbated by the lack of essential supplies: no medicines, no vaccinations, and a severe shortage of safe water and food.

This crisis not only presents an immediate threat to the health and survival of Gaza's children but also casts a long shadow on their future, as the healthcare system struggles to cope with both the immediate needs and the lasting impacts of this conflict.