Australian Greens Senators Stage Protest for Gaza

Australian Greens Senators Stage Protest for Gaza


07 November, 2023

Eleven senators from the Australian Greens party walked out of Parliament this week, protesting the ruling Labor party's inaction on advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Australian government recently abstained from a UN vote on a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian pause in the conflict. The resolution abstention by the government was justified by the claim that it failed to mention Hamas's role in the recent attacks.

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Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, of Pakistani descent and the first Muslim woman to serve in the Australian Senate, led the walkout, accusing the government of indifference in the face of Palestinian suffering and labeling them as "heartless" and "cowards" for their perceived inaction.

Meanwhile, the situation in Palestine remains dire, with the Palestinian death toll in Gaza surpassing 10,300, over 4,200 of whom are children and minors, as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry.

The violence and military operations have also resulted in more than 140 Palestinian deaths in the West Bank.