Annie Lennox calls for ceasefire at the Grammys

Annie Lennox calls for ceasefire at the Grammys


05 February, 2024

When The Eurythmics lead singer and music icon Annie Lennox called for a ceasefire at the Grammys on Sunday night, while also paying tribute to late singer Sinead O'Connor.

During an emotionally stirring performance at the prestigious music award ceremony's 'In Memoriam' segment, Lennox honoured the Irish artist by singing a cover of her 1990 smash hit 'Nothing Compares 2 You'.

She followed this with an unequivocal show of support for a ceasefire and called for world peace, while raising her fist aloft.

While she did not say "Gaza" explicitly, Palestine solidarity activists online have welcomed the singer's veiled show of solidarity.

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Others criticised Lennox for not doing enough to spread awareness about the crisis in Gaza.

Lennox's performance also drew a wave of responses online amid increasing calls by fans for the music industry's biggest names to be braver in their support for a ceasefire in Gaza, where around 27,500 - mostly women and children - have been killed.

Other Grammy attendees demonstrated their support for Gaza, including bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding who donned a Palestinian keffiyeh for the evening.

Members of the pop-indie group boygenius wore red pins that represented the Artists Call for Ceasefire Now movement.