The New Arab Weekly: New massacre in Rafah, ICJ calls for ceasefire, and Egypt and Israel exchange fire



31 May, 2024

This week on The New Arab Weekly podcast, we discuss the recent massacre in Rafah and Israel's ongoing assault of the south Gaza, the fresh call by the International Court of Justice for a ceasefire, the unclear red lines of the US, and the recent  deadly clashes on the Egypt-Gaza border between Israeli and Egyptian forces. 

Joining us, we have The New Arab's Investigations Editor Andrea Glioti (@andreaglioti) and Senior Journalist and Editor Nadda Osman (@naddaxosman).

Picks of the Week

Israel banned Al Jazeera so it can have free rein in Rafah. The media coverage of the tent massacre proves it

How UN aid in Syria is increasingly going to regime cronies

Strict separation is not the answer for Palestine and Israel

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