Protesting in a Time of War: Civil rights in Israel, the Supreme Court, and Netanyahu

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26 January, 2024

Since the start of the war in Gaza, protests around the world have called on the Israeli government to end their slaughter and protect civilian life. 

Thousands have turned out to protest in London, New York, Paris, Berlin, and Washington DC. 

Also, protests have been seen in Israel, however the civil space in Israel is shrinking.

This week, we look at the shrinking civil space in Israel, and the shrinking rights of Israelis to protest against the government and the war in Gaza. We also examine the role of the Supreme Court in the stripping of Israeli civil rights. 

To help us understand this, we spoke with Eyal Lurie-Pardes (@eyallurie), a Visiting Fellow in the Program on Palestine and Palestinian-Israeli Affairs at the Middle East Institute (@MiddleEastInst). Previously, Eyal worked in legal advocacy and policy research for civil rights in Israel and Palestine. Among other things, Eyal worked with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, the Zulat Institute for Equality and Human Rights.

This podcast is written and produced by Hugo Goodridge (@hugogoodridge). 

Theme music by Omar al-Fil. 

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