Nowhere to go, and Nowhere is Safe: The massacres of Gaza and the war between Hamas and Israel

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03 November, 2023

The Israeli bombardment of the people of Gaza has unleashed horrors. 

Thousands have been killed, including thousands of children. There’s no end in sight, and Israel does not look like it will step away from its path. 

The past 27 days in Gaza have been punctuated by war crimes of almost every nature.

This week on The New Arab Voice we look at the past 27 days, the crimes that have been committed, the tragedies endure by the people, and the lives lost in senseless massacres. 

We examine the intense humanitarian crisis the has gripped the Gaza Strip, in light of the tightened siege, and the failure to get aid to the people. We inspect the ceasefire options that are open to Israel, and the prospect of a ceasefire being implemented. 

Additionally, we look at Hamas, their military strength, the tactics they will use when Israel launched its full ground assault, and the value of their tunnels. 

Joining us, we speak with Kristyan Benedict (@KreaseChan), Amnesty International UK Crisis Response Manager (@AmnestyUK), and Merissa Khurma (@MerissaKhurma), the Program Director of the Middle East program at the Wilson Center (@TheWilsonCenter). Also, we hear directly from The New Arab's Gaza correspondent, Sally Ibrahim. 

This podcast is written and produced by Hugo Goodridge (@hugogoodridge). 

Theme music by Omar al-Fil. 

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