The New Arab Weekly: Hezbollah fighting talk, Haniyeh's family killed, and Bahrain releases prisoners



12 April, 2024

This week on The New Arab Weekly we look at the recent increase in Israeli attacks against Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the war of words, the killing of Hamas chief' Ismail Haniyeh's children and grandchildren, the withdrawal from Khan Younis, the death of Walid Daqqa, and the release of prisoners in Bahrain. 

We're joined by The New Arab's Analysis Editor Charlie Hoyle (@CharlieCHoyle) and Senior Journalist and Editor Nadda Osman (@naddaxosman).

Our picks of the week:

Can Israel's war on Gaza trigger a 'Palestinian Spring' in the Arab world?

In Gaza, we are watching the world's first AI-assisted genocide 

Divide and rule: Apartheid Israel hunts down Gazan workers stranded in West Bank for 'lacking work permits'

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