'Yes Hizballah!' Russian fighters repeat Shia prayers in Aleppo

'Yes Hizballah!' Russian fighters repeat Shia prayers in Aleppo
A video has emerged of Russian soldiers relaxing with a Hizballah fighter as they recite Muslim prayers.
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29 Nov, 2016
The three fighters smile as they recite the Muslim prayers [Twitter]
A video has emerged of three Russian soldiers reciting Muslim prayers with a Hizballah fighter in East Aleppo.

The Russians appear bemused as they repeat the prayers, while the Hizballah soldier holds his arm loosely around the shoulders of one of the soldiers.

The exchange ends as the three Russians repeat "Yes Hizballah!" and laugh along with the Shia fighter.

Russian soldiers are currently allied alongside Hizballah fighters in a fight against perceived terrorists in East Aleppo, despite Hizballah's current status as a terrorist organisation.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), there are around 3,000 Russian troops positioned at the as-Safir military base, located to the south-east of Aleppo.

Russian troops are also on the ground on the Castello Road – a vital humanitarian corridor into Aleppo.