The world's richest Arabs - and what they're worth

The world's richest Arabs - and what they're worth
Blog: The Forbes Rich List includes 45 Arab billionaires with a combined fortune of $166bn - more than the entire combined annual budgets of the 11th poorest Arab countries.
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04 Mar, 2015
Saudi prince Walid bin Talal has a personal $20bn fortune [AFP]
The world has 45 Arab billionaires with more personal wealth than the combined yearly budgets of the 11 poorest Arab countries, according to a yearly list of the wealthiest people.

The Forbes Rich List 2014, published this week, shows that the 45 control $166bn, much more than the combined yearly budget of Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Mauritania, Yemen, Comoros Islands, Djibuti, Sudan, Palestine and Somalia, which spend a collective $146.4bn a year. 

Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, has the most billionaires in the Arab world, and the 10 richest have a combined fortune of $51.9bn. The richest is prince Walid bin Talal, with $20bn, while the oil magnate Mohammed al-Amoudi has a $16bn personal fortune. 
Eight Egyptians are on the Forbes list with a combined wealth of $44.2bn. The Sawiras family features heavily with Nassef Sawiris, a construction tycoon, worth $6.7bn. Other Egyptians on the list are Nasser Sawiti ($6.3bn), Mohammad Mansour ($4bn) and Naquig Sawirtis ($3.1bn).

Lebanon is in third spot with seven billionaires worth $14.1bn between them, with the Hariri political dynasty prominent. Joseph Safra, a Lebanese banker, is the third richest Arab in the world, with a personal fortune of $16bn.

There are three billionaires in Morocco led by the businessman Othman Benjelloun, who is worth $2.8bn.
There are many more Arabs on the Forbes list - but their wealth 'only' stretches into the millions
There are many more Arabs on the list - but their wealth 'only' stretches into the millions, tens of millions and hundreds of millions.
Forbes' richlist 2014 features 1,826 people from all over the world worth a combined $7.05trn.

The list is led by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, who has a personal fortune of $79.2bn.