Viral: Outrage after video shows man beating son in Saudi mall

Viral: Outrage after video shows man beating son in Saudi mall
Thousands of Saudi social media users were left enraged this week after a video showing a man beating his son at a Saudi mall went viral.
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06 Sep, 2017
The video triggered a debate across social media [Twitter]

A man seen violently abusing a child at a shopping centre in Saudi Arabia has caused outrage across social media, after the video showing the incident went viral.

Thousands called on authorities to identify and arrest the man, who is believed to be Egyptian, after he was seen beating the crying child with his pram before carrying him and walking off.

The viral video caught the attention of Saudi’s Ministry of Labour's spokesperson Khalid Abalkhail who confirmed authorities were investigating the incident and searching for the abuser.

Translation: "Anyone who harms, abuses or neglects the safety of a child, will have to face legal consequences." 

"We are currently working on identifying and getting to the person who did this. We urge anyone who has information to come forward." 

Translation: "First thing's first, I don't think this person is sane or normal"

Translation: "If he does this to the child in public, what does he do to him at home?"

Translation: “Not in his house nor anywhere else, children aren't some type of property, they're human beings. If you don't know the difference between disciplining a child and violently abusing them, you should face the legal consequences of your actions." 

The debate garnered thousands of tweets among Saudi twitter – the largest and most active users in the region – prompting the popular ‘Hashtag Saudi Arabia’ account to share an electronic leaflet advising parents on how to deal with such situations.

Translation: “How to help control your child's behaviour without resorting to beating him/her."