Video: November rain wreaks havoc in Qatar

Video: November rain wreaks havoc in Qatar
Qatar was hit by heavy flooding on Wednesday, causing gridlock on the Gulf nation's roads as well as closures of schools and businesses.
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The Qatar Meteorology Department is forecasting moderate to heavy rain for next three days [AFP]
A year's worth of rain deluged parts of Qatar on Wednesday.

The storm system clouded skies over parts of the Arabian Peninsula, but struck Doha, the capital of Qatar, particularly hard.

At Hamad International Airport, the home of Qatar Airways, at least 79.5 millimeters of rain fell, according to the Qatar Meteorology Department. Typically, the hot, desert country sees around 50 millimeters of rain in an entire year.

The rainwater flooded streets and shut down some stores and shopping centres in Doha. Local media reported some schools and daycare centres closed early because of the downpour.

Normally parched countries on the Arabian Peninsula have seen rain in recent days as the seasons change across the Gulf.

Some Qataris and expats in the country welcomed the drop in the temperature, but many were worried about the traffic and disruption caused by the heavy rain.

There were also reports of damages to homes and businesses, as well as the multibillion dollar airport, where water leaked through into the terminal buildings.