How Zionism and European nationalism crushed Arab-Jewish solidarity
Zionism, the Jewish avatar of European nationalism, has wrecked centuries of unity between the Arab & Jewish people, writes Amir Fleischmann.
A single, democratic Palestine is the only solution that guarantees the rights of Palestinians and the safety of the Jewish people, writes Lori Allen [photo credit: Getty Images]
Was another Palestine possible in 1946, two years before the Nakba? The Anglo-American Committee was a missed chance which resonates today, writes Lori Allen.
Walid Daqqa
Walid Daqqa yearned for his freedom, to embrace his daughter Milad, and to die at home - but Israel's incomprehensible cruelty denied him that right.
Muslims have been so dehumanised that our death is expected and accepted for the comfort of the Western world, writes Mariya bint Rehan.
Opinion- Texas A&M Qatar
The closure of the university's Qatar campus is part of a campaign by the pro-Israel lobby to discredit Doha's diplomacy on Gaza, writes Marc Owen Jones.
Whether its censorship, intimidation or distortion, resisting language policing is key for liberation in Palestine and beyond, writes Lujain Al-Meligy.
Opinion- Israel killing journalists Gaza
Israel's systematic targeting of journalists in Gaza and its brazen genocidal statements are both the product of decades of impunity, writes Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.
Randa Abdel-Fattah unpacks how allegations of mass rape have been deployed to justify genocide in Gaza, a phenomenon race-critical feminists have seen before.
Anna Saif analyses Reuters' Gaza coverage to reveal a bias towards the Israeli narrative, and a decontextualisation and dehumanisation of Palestinian suffering.
As Israel manipulates the truth and silences Palestinian voices to justify its violence, art and culture are powerful tools of resistance, writes Zoe Lafferty.