Opinion- Israel killing journalists Gaza
Israel's systematic targeting of journalists in Gaza and its brazen genocidal statements are both the product of decades of impunity, writes Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.
Randa Abdel-Fattah unpacks how allegations of mass rape have been deployed to justify genocide in Gaza, a phenomenon race-critical feminists have seen before.
Anna Saif analyses Reuters' Gaza coverage to reveal a bias towards the Israeli narrative, and a decontextualisation and dehumanisation of Palestinian suffering.
As Israel manipulates the truth and silences Palestinian voices to justify its violence, art and culture are powerful tools of resistance, writes Zoe Lafferty.
The shooting of Palestinian students Tahseen Ahmad, Hisham Awartani, & Kinnan Abdalhamid in the US is not an isolated attack. Growing dehumanisation of Palestinians since October 7 has led to a rise in anti-Arab racism & violence, writes Samar Saeed.
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Whilst Israel's targeting of Palestinian Christians has gone on for decades, it is only following the onslaught on Gaza that many have discovered this reality. Now, people must answer their call for an end to Israel's brutality, writes Daoud Kuttab.
The international movement for Palestine liberation may not have the military might of Israel & its allies, but amidst attacks on Gaza it has growing solidarity & organised resistance to the occupying state’s war machine, writes James Schneider.
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Following Israel’s recent onslaught on Gaza, students & academics in Western campuses have faced increasing repression for their solidarity with Palestine. This is a symptom of Israel's fears that it is losing younger support, argues Daniel Lindley.
Islamophobia has increased in The Netherlands since 7 October, and far-right Geert Wilders' recent election victory is a deeply worrying sign. Rahma Bavelaar & Ibtissam Abaâziz explain how politicians defending Israel contribute to a rise in hate.
On the 80th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence, Paris must end its foreign policy of cultivating Lebanese political factionalism, argues Leonora Monson.