UAE men face arrest over 'outrageous' dancing

UAE men face arrest over 'outrageous' dancing
Blog: Two men filmed dancing 'suggestively' in UAE military uniform are to face prosecutors amid rising nationalistic sentiment in the country.
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19 Jan, 2016
A militarist nationalism is marching onwards in the UAE [AFP]
Emirati police have been ordered to arrest two men for dancing "suggestively" while wearing UAE military uniforms, as prosecutors prepare a case against the pair.

The moves come as a video of the mambo military men was shared widely on social media, showing the plieting pair dancing in a manner deemed "offensive" by authorities.

"The clip, the Public Prosecution said, showed the two men donning military uniforms and making outrageous physical movements that did not respect the uniform, the morale and the value of national service, which recruits see as an honour," Emirati state news' agency WAM reported.

The UAE recently introduced compulsory national service for Emirati men aged between 18 and 30. Serving in military uniform remains optional for women.

Abu Dhabi is part of the Saudi-led coalition at war with Houthi rebels and their allies in Yemen, along with the anti-Islamic State group military alliance.

Military propaganda is also screened heavily on Emirati national TV, while tensions running high with neighbour Iran have contributed to growing nationalist sentiments.

It is why perceived disrespect for the military is often equated to disloyalty - and seen as an "insult" to the nation.

"Public Prosecution emphasised that it swiftly acted to deter this abusive act and against anyone else who tempted to offend and disrespect military values and the prestige of the armed forces in the community by committing acts against national duty," the state news agency added.

But officials aren't making a song and dance over all artistic efforts in the country - this month, the UAE premiered a new musical set to poetry composed by Dubai's ruler himself.

The Knight seeks "to explain the secret of one of the Arab world's most compelling success stories, promoting a style of government that creates wealth and ensures stability while avoiding political strife", Lebanon's Daily Star reported.

But the government-sponsored production was not about Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al-Maktoum himself, insisted Lebanese director Marwan Rahbani.

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