UAE to appoint 'minister of happiness'

UAE to appoint 'minister of happiness'
The Emir of Dubai has announced on Twitter that the United Arab Emirates will create two new ministerial posts: a minister of happiness and a minister of tolerance.
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09 Feb, 2016
In a 2015 UN study, the UAE ranked 20th happiest country [Getty]
Dubai's ruler said on Monday the United Arab Emirates will create a state minister position devoted to ensuring the happiness of its citizens, as well as privatise some government services in the oil-rich country.

Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also serves as the UAE's prime minister, made the comments on Twitter after appearing at the World Government Summit being hosted in his city-state.

He also announced that some government ministries would be merged, while also creating a minister of state position to oversee tolerance in a country that is home to many faiths and ethnicities.

"We have also created the post of minister of state for happiness to harmonise all government policy and programmes to create happiness [within] society," said Maktoum.

"It is a beginning of a new journey of achievement and giving to the people and we ask God to help us to serve and take care of them," he added.

In his tweets on Monday night, Sheikh Mohammed said the changes in the federal government came after he consulted with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi's crown prince.

Sheikh Mohammed turned to Twitter to make another major announcement last week, when tweeted that he wanted a young person under 25 to serve as a UAE government minister to oversee youth issues.

In a 2015 UN study, the UAE ranked the 20th happiest country in the world.

The vast majority of social media users have cheered on the Emir's merry announcement.

Aisha Saif said: "There is no other country in the whole world with a minister of happiness. Day by day, the UAE is showing the world that it is the best at keeping its people happy."

Reem said: "Looks like I'm immigrating to Dubai".

Adel Salib joked: "The ministers of tolerance and happiness' jobs will be to come fix your relationship with your girlfriend or wife when you argue with each other."

But not everyone was so excited, journalist Saud al-Asfoor quipped: "I've heard the minister of happiness' first job will be to spread happiness in the homes of imprisoned people."