Trending: Young Egyptians calling for "Muslim Youth Intifada"

Trending: Young Egyptians calling for "Muslim Youth Intifada"
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17 Nov, 2014
Egyptian student protest at Cairo University (Anadolu)

A group of young Egyptians have created a video on YouTube calling for a “Muslim Youth Intifada” to kick off in Egypt on November 28.

Speakers in the video claim that recent events in Egypt – such as the burning of mosques in Sinai - prove that there is an imminent “war on our Islam, values, principles, and identity”.

The group has labelled their uprising Identity Battle, and described their “intifada” as independent, non-sectarian, non-Takfiri (accusing someone of abandoning their faith), and as belonging to no political party.

There was a widespread reaction by tweeters in Egypt  to the video using the hashtag “انتفاضة_الشباب_المسلم#”, [#MuslimYouthIntifada]. However, tweets varied from messages of strong support to strong opposition - while others questioned whether it would have any discernible effect on Egypt's daily reality.
 Translation: The faces of the Islamic naked revolution(photo). They say: Muslim youth intifada, [we] say Muslim criminal intifada
Translation: Will the Muslim Youth Intifada succeed in creating a new reality in Egypt, or will November 28 pass just like any other day?
Translation: "Revolution is not meant to restore freedom and dignity, it's meant to spread the word of God so our freedom is not stolen from us again."

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