#Trending: Why do Saudis divorce? Sex, cheating and... Iran?

#Trending: Why do Saudis divorce? Sex, cheating and... Iran?
Saudi Twitter users have listed out the many reasons they think so many husbands and wives are parting their ways in the conservative kingdom.
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03 Jun, 2016
One in five Saudi marriages ends in divorce [Getty]

As divorce rates "spiral out of control" in Saudi Arabia, Twitter users have put forth their theories behind the various causes of the high number of couples splitting up.

Saudi social media users this week proposed varied reasons for the increasing number of breakups including, parental interference, sexual infidelity and even the kingdoms long-time rival Iran.

While perceptions in Saudi Arabia are that its divorce rates are among the highest in the world, they are not out of the ordinary for the region. One in five Saudi marriages ends in divorce, 80 percent of which are over before the first wedding anniversary.

The Arabic-language hashtag #WhatIsTheCauseOfDivorceInSaudi gained traction on Twitter shortly after it was introduced.

Translation: "It's because they put two people together and force them to love each other. Love doesn't come about through force. They find they cannot love each other and get divorced."

Translation: "Poverty, the price of rent, the high cost of living, low salaries, male infidelity, men's weak personalities and women's strong personalities."

Translation: "Emotional and financial stinginess, failing to look after one's personal hygiene and physical and mental health, lack of education and culture and not taking care of the house."

Translation: "Incompatible ways of thinking and culture. Men's views on wives' duties such as cooking, sex and making babies. Ignorance of women's rights. Hoping he will change after marriage."

Translation: "The lack of dialogue."

Some users took a notably less serious approach to the question.

Translation: "The reason for the increasing divorce rates is Iran."

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