#Trending: Thousands of activists plan Berlin-to-Aleppo peace march

#Trending: Thousands of activists plan Berlin-to-Aleppo peace march
Hundreds of activists are set to march from Berlin to Aleppo in solidarity with Syrians.
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11 Dec, 2016
A social media account was created last week in hope to gather volunteers. [Twitter]
A group of Berlin-based activists are planning a march to Aleppo after Christmas Day in protest of the killing of hundreds of civilians inside the besieged city.

Around 3,000 volunteers signed up to take part in the civil march to Aleppo on December 26, claiming the march will bring attention to the carnage inflicted on civilians in Syria,

Polish journalist Anna Alboth, who initiated the idea, stressed that the campaign is not affiliated to any political party or organisation.

"We are just random Europeans who have had enough," Alboth told Anadolu.

"Our main aim, or our main dream, is that what is happening in Aleppo should be over, so that the civilians have access to humanitarian help. That is the thing," Alboth said.

"We would like to give people like us a chance to take part in the movement, to say what they think. We also want to give hope to the people in Aleppo," she added.

A social media account @CivilMarchForAleppo was created last week in hope to gather volunteers.

The 2,000-mile trek is expected to set off from Germany through to Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, to Aleppo.

More than 400,000 civilians - including tens of thousands of children -  in Syria's northern city have borne witness to one of the bloodiest phases of the country's nearly six-year war.

The city's east had been a rebel stronghold since mid-2012, but government forces in recent weeks have overrun more than 85 percent of that area.