#Trending: Reactions to CIA's torture report

#Trending: Reactions to CIA's torture report
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12 Dec, 2014
The US Senate report on CIA torture has been the subject discussed this week on social media.

The #TortureReport hashtag was one of the most used on Twitter in the UK and the US. Many said the content of the report proved the US had committed war crimes and called for prosecutions of those responsible.

Some of the US's former captives expressed their views on Twitter. Moazzam Begg, a British Pakistani formerly imprisoned by the US government, encouraged mosques and Islamic commissions to publicly condemn the CIA torture.


Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen and former prisoner held in Syria, demanded more than just condemnation. He asked Canada to bring those responsible to justice.


However, British journalist Yvonne Ridley, who was captured by the Taliban in 2001, said she was thankful she was held by the Afghan group and not the US government:


A family member of one of the tortured captives of the US urged the US president, Barack Obama, to investigate the torture.


Twitter users shared news items and stories of the CIA report, making it trend on Twitter for days. Many posts demanded investigations and the prosection of those who carried out the torture. They included: 

It is believed unlikely that the Justice Department will persecute those involved. Instead, John Kiriakou, the first to expose the US government’s use of waterboarding for interrogation, was found guilty, and has been in jail since 2008 for bringing this information to light. His family reminded the world of his actions from his Twitter account:



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