#Trending: Palestinians recite call to prayer from rooftops

#Trending: Palestinians recite call to prayer from rooftops
Video footage shows Palestinians reciting the call to prayer together while church bells have been ringing in protest over Israeli attempts to silence the religious custom.
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21 Nov, 2016
Church bells have been ringing in protest over quietening the call to prayer [Getty]
Church bells are ringing in the occupied Palestinian territories in solidarity with protests against Israel's potential crackdown on the call to prayer.

The bill, backed by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this week, threatens to quieten the adhan - the call to prayer - broadcast from mosques five times a day.

Netanyahu said residents "suffered" from the "excessive noise".

While the draft bill applies to all houses of worship, it is seen as specifically targeting mosques and Palestinians view the bill as the latest Israeli encroachment on their rights.

If the bill is successful, it would ban mosques from using public address systems.

But in a show of unity this week, church bells have been ringing along with the call to prayer, as Muslims and Christians rally against Israel's plans.

A video circulating on Twitter also show residents chanting from their rooftops, echoing the mosque's call.

Over the weekend, protests have been held in the southern city of Rahat, where 100 Palestinians held a rally against the bill, while more than 500 people took part in various demonstrations in the north.

In Gaza, hundreds of supporters of the Islamist Hamas group that controls the Palestinian territory held a protest march through the Jabalia refugee camp near the enclave's northern border.

The bill, drafted by Israeli MK Moti Yogev, will now be put on hold until a ministerial committee holds a second vote.