#Trending: Egyptians demand justice on anniversary of revolution

#Trending: Egyptians demand justice on anniversary of revolution
Blog: Egyptians have once again used social media to demand bread, freedom and social justice on the anniversary on the 2011 uprising.
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25 Jan, 2016
Egyptians have marked the revolution amid tight security [TNA]
Egyptians have taken to social media to explain why they have been taking to streets on the fifth anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Egyptian Twitter users voiced their anger using the Arabic-language hashtags #GoDownBecause and #ImGoingDownToSay, which were among the world's top trending topics on Monday.

Egyptians took to the streets across the country on Monday, amid tight security and warnings from authorities that demonstrations would not be tolerated.

"I'm going to go say: 'Bread, freedom and social justice' because our demands have still not been realised," said one Twitter user named Khalid.

"Think about the pain and suffering of the parents of the forgotten martyrs of the revolution amid all the honours and compensation the martyrs of the military and police receive. I am going to down and tell them 'We haven't forgotten about them,'" said another Twitterer.

"I'm going to say that I want rights for the people who died and the prisoners. Down with military rule," tweeted Sara.

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"I'm going to say that I've had enough of torture in prisons, cancer-causing food, deathtrap hospitals, traffic accidents, theft, corruption and unemployed young people hanging out all day at cafes," added Nafisa.

"I'm going say: 'we haven't forgotten about Tahrir you sons of b****es,'" posted Karim.

"Go Down so that your children are not oppressed, killed and can live with dignity. The people want the downfall of the regime," tweeted Asmaa.

"Go down because of 60 years of poverty and ignorance. China, India, Malaysia and Korea started at the same place as us and look at how much they have advanced, while we hopelessly lag behind. Enough already! Show us some respect and let someone run [this country] right," said Tawfiq.

"Go down because Mubarak got an innocent verdict, Tantawi got an Order of the Nile and Sisi got the presidency of the republic," said Aref.

"Go down because you graduated and you're still at your parents' house and can't move out because your salary is barely enough to get by on," said a user with the handle "anti-coup youth".

"Go down because all the prices have gone up even though two months ago they said they would decrease," said Noor, adding: "More than 40,000 people are unjustly imprisoned."

But one Twitter user said he was not optimistic about the calls for renewed street protests: "Why should I go down? There's no hope left, just let things run their divine course already."