Trending: #1in5Muslims: Tweeters troll British tabloid with Muslim 'facts'

Trending: #1in5Muslims: Tweeters troll British tabloid with Muslim 'facts'
Blog: Social media users hit back at The Sun's absurd claims that one in five UK Muslims have 'sympathy for jihadis', mocking the paper online with their own Muslim 'facts'.
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24 Nov, 2015
According to the British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, one in five British Muslims have "sympathy for jihadis".

The extremely bold claim, plastered over its front page on Monday, came from an opinion poll carried out by Survation.

The market research group spoke to 1,003 people 
identifying themselves as Muslims living in the UK.

That's right, 1,000 people.

In case you're wondering, there are probably just over two million Muslims living in the UK.

The tabloid has since come under a lot of criticism, and rightly so.

Not only has it been accused of misrepresenting results of the poll - only 14 percent of respondents said they had "some sympathy" for individuals who had gone to fight with militia groups in Syria, while five percent said they had "a lot of sympathy" for them (despite the poll not even mentioning upon which side these travelling mercenaries were said to be joining) - but many have also warned that The Sun's irresponsible "journalism" could lead to further religious hatred in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The Independent Press Standards Organisation [Ipso] said it had received 450 complaints about the front page by Monday evening, more than for any story since the regulatory body was set up last year. 

In light of the absurd report, Twitter users have decided to troll the newspaper with their own absurd "facts" about Muslims.

Muslims politely get out of plans by:

Muslims tend to get caught in many awkward situations:
Or asked many awkward questions:

Yes, the struggle is real:
Netflix and chill? 
And in case you ever wondered: