Top Trumps: Ten troubling Trump tweets on Syria

Top Trumps: Ten troubling Trump tweets on Syria
To mark Donald Trump's inauguration day, here are just some of the incoming president's completely outrageous views on Syria, shared to more than 20 million followers.
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20 Jan, 2017
Trump has used his Twitter platform to vent on several occasions [Getty]

Incoming US president Donald Trump is not only notoriously known for his swanky hair and suave speeches, but the business tycoon has gained a substantial reputation for his careless and somewhat undiplomatic decorum on his Twitter platform, where his dangerous tweets have caused eyebrows to be raised in palaces, presidential offices and public houses around the world.

Among the tirade of eccentric debates, offensive rhetoric and on some occasions, obvious cyberbullying, the United States' 45th president has used the platform to vent frustrations towards issues in the Middle East.

Below are just ten comments shared by the avid twitterer-in-chief to some 20 million followers, discussing the almost six-year Syrian crisis. 

1. Helping Syrian refugees will lead to end of civilisation

2. Refugees fleeing conflict could be Islamic State militants 

 3. Saudi Arabia should conduct its own dirty work

 4. Iran, Iran, Iran

5. ObamaCare should be exported to Syria

6. Iraq was a waste of treasure that could've been looted

 7. The Arab League is stupid

8. A little less conversation, a little more action please

9. We should've stolen more Iraqi and Syrian oil

10. Only this political clown will save Israel